City Tavern Club

Benefits of Membership

Outstanding Location

The City Tavern Club is located in the heart of Georgetown at the intersection of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue and is a relaxing escape right in the center of the city.

Gourmet Food & Wine

Executive Chef Manuel Montiel blends traditional culinary elegance with irresistible taste to create some of the finest dishes in Washington. Our members enjoy a delicious and extensive menu featuring seasonal dishes and perfectly prepared signature items.

Diverse Membership

The City Tavern Club retains one of the most diverse membership bodies of any private club. Among our ranks you will find public servants and government officials, entrepreneurs and small business owners, corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, and many other professionals of various ages and backgrounds. By providing casual and formal dining options with some of the best parties in the D.C. area, the City Tavern has something to offer for everyone regardless of age or gender.

Premier Access

Joining the City Tavern Club provides our members with the highest levels of social access. We maintain reciprocal relationships with over 100 private social clubs around the world to accommodate our members’ needs while they are away from home. Our members are also eligible to receive preferred rates at local hotels and discounted fitness club memberships.

Historical Preservation

Our Clubhouse was originally constructed in 1796 and has hosted Presidents from John Adams to Ronald Reagan. The City Tavern Association operates as a non-profit and is dedicated to the preservation of one of the last remaining Federal-period inn in Washington, D.C. Our members can truly walk the steps where figures of significant historical stature such as Thomas Jefferson once trod while enjoying modern day comfort and leisure.